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Dell computers Support Ticket - Awful customer service and support

Dell computers Support Ticket

Awful customer service and support - XPS 1730

Created By: erikhuberman's Picture erikhuberman Last Reply: erikhuberman's Picture erikhuberman
Priority Level: [High] Status: [Open]
Created: 8 years ago Last Updated: 8 years ago
Department: N/A Replies: 0
Product: XPS 1730

I have been a customer of Dell’s for over 10 years. I have purchased personally at least 6 computers not to count the corporate accounts I have had with them. Not that any of this should matter.

I purchased an XPS laptop from them. Over the past few months it has had the motherboard replaced twice, the power supply replaced, the video card replaced and the ram replaced, and yet it still does not work. Now keep in mind I use this computer for professional reasons and have had to suffice on my netbook while I hoped that, maybe this time, my computer would be fixed.
Of course, no such luck.

I called Dell today to report that at this point, my computer should probably fall under their lemon policy and I would like to replace it completely. I spoke with technical support who told me they would be replacing it with a refurbished computer. I tried to explain that this is unacceptable. I had purchased a new computer, which Dell had now agreed was a lemon, and they wanted to replace it with a used product. Also I would like to note that at this point, I had been on the phone for around 1 hour.

They Technical Support Department said that they thought I had a point and would need to connect me to their Customer Care Department and would note that they believe the computer was a lemon and should be replaced.

Upon speaking with the Customer Care Representative he decided to escalate me to his supervisor as he couldn’t approve anything himself.

When the Supervisor came on, he explained to me that this was actually a Technical Support issue and he could do nothing about it. I explained to him that I had been sent to Customer Care by Technical Support. The Supervisor denied that this could have happened as “Technical Support handles any kind of replacement due to technical issues.” He then disconnected me completely. Total time on the phone now, 1 hour 47 minutes

I then called Technical Support since it seemed I would be sent back to them anyways. I explained the issue up to this point and was once again upgraded to a Supervisor. I once again had to explain my story to this Supervisor who then informed me that they would call the refund department WITH me and have a conference call so that we could resolve the issue. This Supervisor also stated that a refund should be instated but she was not able to approve such a thing.
I then waited on hold for 25 minutes.

Finally the Refund Department answered, with no sign of the Supervisor from Technical Support still on the call. I had to again explain the entire situation and when finished explained I was sent there because I was told they could actually approve the refund. He, of course, said he could not do that, and it was actually for Customer Care to approve. I told him that I had already been sent to Customer Care so he said he would actually stay on the line so we could all talk. Total time on the phone at this point: 2 Hours 54 Minutes.
I waited on hold when finally Customer Care answered, with, of course, no sign of the Refund Department Representative. I started explaining to Customer Care the situation when I get interrupted with “could you please hold for one second” and they hang up on me.

I call back and go through their switchboard again and get back to a Customer Care Representative who listens to my story and tries to send me back to Technical Support. I fought it, explaining all the “conference calls” I was supposed to have, and all the circles I had been run in. He then explained that I could continue, but bottom line was I was only going to get a refurbished computer, no matter what I did.
I ended up, after 3 hours and 42 minutes on the phone, having to accept a used computer for my broken new computer, because Dell has no care for their customers.

If you bought a brand new car from me, and it was determined BY ME to be a lemon. If I told you I would take it back, but we would be replacing it with a CERTIFIED Pre-Owned! How would most people respond?

This company has completely failed its customers. Their stock has dropped around 1/3 in the past 6 months. Dell Computer are now being sold in Wal-Mart. I want to discourage anyone and everyone from ever purchasing a Dell. The only reason until now was the “Award Winning Service” they promised, but they do not honor their warrantees and they play games with their customers.

I hope I at least save some other people some headaches and money.


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